Have you ever wondered how to handle unfavorable circumstances when you are diving?

If you want to learn the right techniques to identify and solve all kind of diving mishaps, this is your course without a doubt.

Our PADI instructors will train you to handle complex circumstances, like for instance, handle situations with tire, unconscious divers or be able to design an emergency plan for your usual dive site.

padi rescue diver course in Lanzarote

What does the course include?

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• Identify and respond to other diver’s problems

• Perform rescues both underwater and on surface

• Provide first aid in diving settings

• Design emergency plans

• Identify typical diving injuries

• Enroll in a PADI Divemaster training

You will do a total of 10 exercises simulating real cases scenarios, such as rescuing a panicked or unresponsive diver.

Through two simulations, you will have to solve different critical situations by combining the exercises you have learnt.

The previous completion of the EFR (First Aid) course is a requirement for taking the PADI Rescue Diver course. If you haven’t done so, you can take both at the same time.

The course consists of five parts: one part with practical exercises, a part with theory, a real scenario simulation, the design of an emergency plan and a self-rescue refresh.

In includes 5 chapters, with 5 reviews and a final test.

In the emergency plan, we will learn how to elaborate a comprehensive rescue program for a particular site. This part of the course will give you college credits for the Divemaster Course.

The medical certificate must be signed by a doctor. If possible, try to make an appointment with a hyperbaric specialist. You can do it here in Lanzarote before you start the course. Contact us to know the details.


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