Can you imagine what it feels like when you breath underwater?

Come and discover the underwater world on company of our PADI certified instructors.

Dive in Playa Chica, our renowned diving spot, where you will be able to see a big part of the local marine species of Lanzarote, in a safe environment and with the best visibility of Europe.

We will give you some previous theoretical notions and we will take care of you at every step during the dive.

As an extra, you will become some underwater pictures completely free of charge. A beautiful lifelong souvenir!

What does the course include?

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Discounts for two or more people


Swimming clothes, a towel and looking forward to enjoying the experience!

Not at all, this activity is planned for totally unexperienced people. We will down at you own pace and we will stay at whatever depth you feel most comfortable within the 6 meters.

You need to have a normal breakfast or lunch before the activity to have enough energy. From your arrival yo our shop to the moment you get into the water, there is at least one hour time which gives you more than enough time to digest your meal.

We dive with very small groups, so in order to block a particular date, we recommend you to book at least two weeks in advance.

We will see plenty of fish, some are always there, some come and go. We have 99% chances to see Canary damselfish, Atlantic damselfish, greater weever, parrotfish, ornate wrasse, wide-eyed flounder, salema and we are very likely to see cuttlefish, seahorse, sea-stars, anemone, arrow crab, seaslug, octopus among other species.

Yes, you can bring your own camera. However, your instructor will let you know when you can start to use it. You can always ask your instructor to take the pictures for more comfort and safety. Besides, we always bring our camera along.

is the area of Playa Chica, for the rich sea life, clear waters (with a visibility of 20 to 30 meters) and easy access from shore.

It is important to know that we need to leave between 12 and 18 hours before catching a flight after we dive. The number of hours depends on the depth and the number of dives we do. We will let you know the exact time frame when you book your activity.


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