Would you like to discover a new way to enjoy night life?

Mojo Dive invites you to discover one of the most fascinating disciplines of scuba-diving: Night Diving

Many Divers will tell you that night diving is the best diving experience they ever had. Let yourself be guided by the light of your torch in the darkness, feel the weightlessness almost like in space and observe the amazing sea life that emerges when the sun goes down. This is a full sensory adventure.

padi night dive course in lanzarote

What does the course include?

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Discounts for two or more people


  • Do night diving with a buddy in an autonomous way.
  • Dive in any diving center around the world by showing your Certification PADI Night Diver.
  • Continue your training as a diver, signing up for other PADI speciality courses available.

• Security

• Communication

• Special equipment

• Sea life

• Planning

• Diving techniques

The course consists of a theory part and 3 open water dives.

• Descent and ascent

• Communication techniques

• Compass navigation

• Night sea life

• Buddy contact procedures


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