A course with no need for introduction

Mojo Dive opens for you the door to the depths, where you can discover new dive sites, like wrecks, reefs and deep walls.

A good example are the famous black coral (Antipathella wollastoni) woods, which are reserved only for deep divers, and that you will be able to enjoy during our course.

deep dive in lanzarote Lanzarote

What does the course include?

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  • Scuba dive with confidence at depths down to 40 meters.
  • Dive in any diving center around the world by showing your Certification PADI Deep Diver.
  • Continue your training as a diver, signing up for other PADI speciality courses available.
  • Deep Dive planning in a safe and responsible manner.

During the dives, we will practice:

  • Managing your gas supply
  • Dealing with gas narcosis and safety considerations
  • Buddy contact procedures and buoyancy control
  • Free fall descent to the deepest dive point using visual references
  • Compare the different times of nitrogen in the body tissues
  • Security stops
  • Use of surface marker buoy

The course consists of a theory part and 4 open water dives and 4 content reviews after each dive.

Diving schedule: 8:30 h. to 13:30 h.


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