How many people dream of making of their passions a way of living?

Clearly, the answer would be, most of us. Mojo Dive offers you the chance to start with what at the end could be, a philosophy of life.

One of our PADI’S instructor will be your mentor in this adventure which would end up with your brand-new qualified guide certificate of recreational diving. In Mojo Dive we teach PADI’S Divemaster (recreational dive professional) courses, with a duration of 15 days on the standard version. You could also do an internship with us that would last for two months, further keep reading for more details.

Both of them will provide you with the expertise to teach and show others everything the underwater world hides and also with the confidence and necessary self-awareness to be able to do so.

We guarantee you that we do take our job very seriously and we will make of you a notorious professional.

padi divemaster course in Lanzarote

What does the course include?

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Discounts for two or more people


  • Leading dives with certified divers on your own.
  • Helping the instructor during a training in confined waters.
  • Assisting with Scuba diving and leading Discover Local Diving programs.
  • Leading PADI’S Photography and Oxygen provider courses with the training required.
  • Continue my professional training as a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Leader.

The standard course, which last for 2 weeks, focuses mainly on the student’s evaluation while we give some training.

On the contrary, during the internship course, the student gets involved on the daily routine of our dive centre for 2 months, it provides the student the chance to get to know how a diving centre works from the insider perspective at the same time will acquire the necessary underwater skills to successfully complete the final test a the end of this adventure.

It has several tests, theoretical and practical, including the following:

  • To develop theoretical knowledge and Divemaster’s final test.
  • To elaborate an emergency plan and complete rescue exercises.
  • Strength exercises and underwater skills evaluation.
  • Diving skills workshops.
  • Program workshops leaded by a Divemaster.
  • Practical test of what you have learnt.
  • Management and preparation for dive sites.
  • Briefings.
  • Research and recovery.
  • Deep dive

Standard and internship courses have the same kind of tests.


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